Today is the Winter Solstice, In ancient China, Winter dolstice festival is as important as Spring Festival, from this day on, light time will be longer and longer. In North of China,people always eat dumpling, it is said, in Winter Solstice, eating dumpling while drinking, the more your eat, the more you will have( the wealthier you will be)

Winter Solstice1221

How to maintain your car in winter daily life? 

The low temperature and cold weather in winter are related to driving safety, so the maintenance of car interior is particularly important. Oil, air filter, battery, antifreeze, spark plug, throttle, fuel injector, clutch, etc. Should be regularly, timely inspection and maintenance.

1. Lubricating oil has a high requirement for automobile lubrication in winter. If the oil is used in summer, it must be changed.

2. The amount of antifreeze antifreeze must be appropriate, different regions and different models should pay attention to the degree of freezing and model of antifreeze, use more than two years of antifreeze should be replaced, mixed antifreeze must be replaced after one year. Be careful not to mix products of different brands and models.

3. The electrolyte in the battery shall not be deficient, it is better to keep the plate submerged at 10mm, and check the specific gravity of the electrolyte to keep the charging amount. If the battery is not charged enough, it is easy to crack in the cold.

4. Pay attention to whether the brake fluid is in sufficient quantity and the quality is deteriorated, and add or replace it in time when necessary. Pay attention to whether the brake is weakened or deviated, and clean the pipeline part of the whole braking system if necessary.

5 tires in winter rubber becomes hard and relatively brittle, not only the friction system will be reduced, but also easier than other seasons air leakage, puncture. In winter, often clean up the inclusion in the tread, try to avoid the use of more than one repair of the tire, the replacement of wear and different brands of tires with different patterns is also not to be ignored.